Things we lose…

.. have a way of coming back to us in the end.

This quote from Harry Potter comforts me; in more ways than I can express. Anyway, being almost done with my exams and having left with nothing to distract me from just sitting and missing my Dad, I thought I should write a post in a bid to just be.

I seem to find comfort in strange things – songs of Lana Del Ray, books (not so strange..), candles, random phone calls from my adorable sister & the voice of my mum along with few items that I am going to be writing about.

I found this amazing handicraft place in my city (I love handicraft!) that I was lucky to have come across on a whimsical trip to CP on a cold and boring day early this year. Feeling like that infamous kid in the candy store, I promptly got myself few treats.

The place is called ‘Moha’ and houses all sorts of colourful and eccentric gems we girls love to hoard.

First is this fairly big square wooden box that I now use to store my daily itsy-bitsies.. (Priced at around Rs.1200 or $21)



Next are these adorable wooden boxes that I store my jewellery & papa’s watch in. The tiny drawers are made of linen-like fabric. These make me think of Spain for some reason. 🙂

These were priced at Rs.700/ $ 14 each.


These stone candle holders and the tea-cup set (ceramic + stone) remind me of Taj Mahal because of their beautiful and detailed carving. Prettiness!

(Price – Tea Cup Set, Rs. 300 or $6 each and the Candle Holders, Rs. 200 or $4 each.)




Now to my favourite bit. These crazy-cute animals – a cool camel, a morose elephant, a confused dog, a cow (The cow has udders!) and a hippo that seems to have wandered off in search of imaginary food.

Me thinks if the movie Hangover were to be remade for non-humans, this quad would totally steal the show. (Made of paper maché, these are priced at Rs.75 or $1.5 each.)




That’s it for now.. I’ll write in again soon.



(ps – please excuse the quality of pictures, my tryst with the cam is fairly new)