Things on my Mind..

Things (People, Quotes, Songs & Thoughts) on my mind this week:

Yep yours truly is a TVD fan. Stefan Salvatore has been keeping me company .

I have gone back go this song with a vengeance. Why did I ever stop listening to it?

(I am still figuring out how to import youtube videos on wordpress, if you know, kindly let this technically challenged human know. ūüôā

Seems to me, Greeks not only created Tragedy, but Romance as well. 

Just started reading Eragon. I have a weakness for Fantasy.

For days when I get carried away in front of the mirror and realize I have no where to go to, all dolled up (I am weird like that.)

 Nuff Said..

My motto for the remaining year..

 The Queen Bee! 

Ha! the ultimate recluse.

A lovely quote by my favourite Author. (Nan, this one is for you. Love you!!)

Me in Bohemian braided hairstyle. I think I am Isolde. So in love with this right now..

Let me know what have you been up to this week!

p.s. Photo credits ~ Tumbler, Wikipedia & Moi.


Disappearing act of the joy we call ‘Reading’!!


Ok so hospitals are notorious for being depressingly depressive places to be at and I do not beg to differ on that thought.

(My father is unwell and I am in a hospital right now)

To cut a sob story short – with the efficient doctors and the sweet nurses doing their jobs, and I being of not much use except to just sit and stare at the gloomy charts & ¬†smell the medicated air, was thinking what to do. I have my exams next month but can’t study or find the will for the love of wise gods.

While reading a few interesting blogs & realizing how I have never really made time to write one, I created a (new) account in a hurry & trust¬†me, for the next 20 minutes while I was busy with the inception of ¬†“Elfin Olive”, ¬†I had attained the state of Blogging Nirvana..¬†

No worries, no distractions Рabsolute focus!!  And it felt great!

So anywayyyyyy… What I really wanted to write about is that this picture popped up on my facebook feed recently.

I saw it. I smiled. Then I stopped smiling.

The thought that my kids (if & when I decide to have them in future) might not know the joy such as reading a Famous Four (Enid Blyton) under a ¬†blanket with a torch in your hand ’cause it’s late & you are supposed to be sleeping or refusing to put the Harry Potter down while your mum bellows in your ear about the dinner getting cold, is sad. Very sad….!!!

I know the prelude to my blog is longer than the blog itself. ¬†*What to do, I am cool like that!* ¬†ūüėÄ