It was that kinda evening..

It has been raining on and off where I live. Yesterday evening as it rained, I perched on a chair in my balcony with a cup of hot tea in my hands amidst the soothing pitter patter of the rain drops, feeling rather Parisian. 🙂


Between me and music, we ended up having quite a melodious evening. I thought I would mention the songs I listened to (over and over), and perhaps it would inspire you to take an hour off from whatever you are doing in your busy life and appreciate the simple pleasures in life like finding a quiet corner and treating yourself to some ‘you’ time, just like I did.

1.) Braille by Lisa Hannigan

2.) Shakespeare by Kirsty Almeida (If I had to croon a love song to someone, this would be it)

3.) Alice in the Wonderland by Emma Wallace. (Quaint like a little library with vintage books on a cosy street in Paris)

4.) Gunner Madsen by Anna. (Pure loveliness)

5.) Into Dust by Mazzy Star. (I always go back to this one)

6.) Save the last dance for me by Michael BublĂ© ( BublĂ©’s voice, like a mug of hot chocolate on Christmas’s eve, always cheers me up)


p.s. The photo used is an old favourite, but does not belong to me.