Product Review – MAC Girl About Town Lipstick

Mac Lipsticks are the hipsters of Lipstick World. They are stylish, come in classic as well as modern colours, are sleekly packaged and while they don’t come cheap, if a girl really wants one, she can just about afford them.

Today I am penning my opinion about one of the rather popular colour – Girl About Town. It’s a blue toned bright pink and the best way I can describe the shade is that if the colours Fuschia & Hot Pink had a love child, it would be this colour.

The lipstick is an Amplified version (meaning it’s a moisturising consistency with an excellent colour pay-off). The result on lips is rather glossy than matte with an opaque finish. The name does its colour justice – while the colour screams, “Hello everyone! I am here”, it retains it’s fun element by still being playful and not too severe like a classic red lip might be. Could be as easily worn with sunny dresses in summer as with a layered look in winters.

Now, I am sure there are a plethora of reviews on this lipstick out there already (I mean, I haven’t exactly discovered electricity here, haha) but this being the latest buy of mine (not recent though) I just had to throw my two cents in.

I must confess I buy make up & hoard them but hardly use all of them like a normal girl would, rather just picking one product out now or then and admiring rest of the gems in my drawer where I like to look every time I need a little pick-me up. But I had not touched make up at all in past few months. It is such a bright and fun colour and I was so down in dumps that I just could not bring myself to even try this on. Now that I am slowly easing back into normalcy, I decided to pick this baby up and put it on, and was pleased with the results.

I however feel that with a colour like this, one might want to go easy on their eye make up. You know, winged eyeliner & tons of mascara and let the lips do all the talking (But hey, if you feel like it, glam up the eyes too and do your thang! 😀 ) The colour should easily wear for 4 hours but I am yet to test that out.

Anyway, here are some shabby attempts at trying to show you guys how this lipstick looks in real.

Mac Girl About Town – $15 (Rs 900) // Vanilla Scented, No Taste

The lipstick does have tiny flecks of shimmer in it, but they are hardly noticeable once put on.

Bare Lips. 

Let’s ignore the embarassing close ups of my nostrils and focus on the colour, shall we? (You see the unevenly done lips? Yeahh.. that happens when you slap on a bright lipstick without bothering to look in the mirror.*cough*)

The lipstick smudged out & worn as a stain (which is how I usually prefer to wear a deep colour on my lips.)

Little tip :~ Apply the dark lipstick at the centre of the lips and smudge it outwards with fingers to give a fading stain look. Top it up with a lip balm if you feel like it!

My thoughts?

Love the colour but not as an everyday staple, at least for me. Still, a must have in a girl’s make up bag for fun occassions.

Phew! That took some typing. 😀

Anyway, what are your all time favorite MAC Lipsticks? Any point that I could have mentioned & missed out on? Please let me know.