Product Review – Eve Lom Cleanser

I am a skin freak. I am one of those people who might put anything in their mouth without really fussing too much about it but don’t let any thing close to their face unless they are absolutely sure it would help-more-than-harm the skin.

I was gifted a 30 ml jar of this pretty looking thing called ‘Eve Lom’. At first glance, I thought it was a moisturizer but realizing it was a cleanser, I put it back in the drawer (and back of my mind).

Day before yesterday, having run out of my Cetaphil cleanser, I reached out for this instead. I found the consistency a little too waxy for my liking. The product felt more like a yellow balm. I rubbed it in my skin and wiped it off with a facial wipe. And as I feared, I didn’t like it. It left my face feeling greasy and dirty. (Being the impatient imp I am, I did not bother to read the instructions given at the back of the jar. :/ )

Yesterday out of curiosity, when I googled this product up, I realized that not only is it a cult beauty product, but quite a pricey one at that as well! (Kinda explains the pretty packaging).

One is actually supposed to massage their face with it and then wipe it off with a muslin cloth a couple of times soaked in warm water and then pat it dry using a cold wipe.

Now, not having a muslin cloth at my disposal, I picked up a soft t-shirt of mine, inverted it and used it as my facial aid (Yeah, I am lousy like that..) and voila! The cleanser turned into a milky consistency at the touch of water and left my face feeling squeaky clean and hydrated!

My thoughts?

This is indeed a great cleanser. But hilariously over-priced. An average 100 ml jar retails for around  $80 (Rs.4,800). And although, it left my skin feeling great, I feel this is meant for people with dry skin and might add to the woes of girls with oily skin. Also, I feel my Cetaphil cleanser does its job pretty well and is dirt cheap compared to Eve Lom.

Will I re-purchase?

Um, most probably not. But, I might keep the jar with me after it’s finished and look at it time to time, to feel fancy. 😀

What are some of the great cleansers that you have tried?