Disappearing act of the joy we call ‘Reading’!!


Ok so hospitals are notorious for being depressingly depressive places to be at and I do not beg to differ on that thought.

(My father is unwell and I am in a hospital right now)

To cut a sob story short – with the efficient doctors and the sweet nurses doing their jobs, and I being of not much use except to just sit and stare at the gloomy charts &  smell the medicated air, was thinking what to do. I have my exams next month but can’t study or find the will for the love of wise gods.

While reading a few interesting blogs & realizing how I have never really made time to write one, I created a (new) account in a hurry & trust me, for the next 20 minutes while I was busy with the inception of  “Elfin Olive”,  I had attained the state of Blogging Nirvana.. 

No worries, no distractions – absolute focus!!  And it felt great!

So anywayyyyyy… What I really wanted to write about is that this picture popped up on my facebook feed recently.

I saw it. I smiled. Then I stopped smiling.

The thought that my kids (if & when I decide to have them in future) might not know the joy such as reading a Famous Four (Enid Blyton) under a  blanket with a torch in your hand ’cause it’s late & you are supposed to be sleeping or refusing to put the Harry Potter down while your mum bellows in your ear about the dinner getting cold, is sad. Very sad….!!!

I know the prelude to my blog is longer than the blog itself.  *What to do, I am cool like that!*  😀




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