Starting (all over) again!

Well, beginnings are rarely easy (fun? oh yes).  I think the best word to describe starting at some (any) point is ‘awkward’. With me it’s been a journey of many awkwards.. Having wanting to write a blog and share (just putting something out there you know..?) for a long time, I gave up fairly early a lot of times.

Well life being life has been teaching me a lesson or two lately – You want something? you go get it. You want to write a blog? You just flipping do it!!

So here I am. With my first blog (not ever) 🙂

I might want to share someday why I named my blog ‘Elfin Olive’..Not today (tonight actually).

For now, it’s enough I wrote this note despite of not feeling really up for it. *Yay to growing up..*




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